Terrazzo & Resinous Flooring

Elegance, Durability, Functionality, Versatility, Sustainability



Considered so durable that it often outlasts the building it resides in, terrazzo can withstand years of punishing traffic while maintaining its performance.

Perfect for high traffic areas, terrazzo doesn’t wear out, is virtually impervious to water, and because of its seamless installation, is perfect for hospitals and other areas where sanitary conditions are at a premium.




The elegance and beauty of terrazzo is a crafted blend of fine quality materials such as marble, quartz, granite, and glass, fused in composition with cement or epoxy, ground, and polished to provide a smooth, durable  composite flooring solution.




Resinous flooring, while also being durable like terrazzo flooring, serves as the perfect flooring for environments that often face extreme conditions.

It can withstand environments of extreme hot and cold, as well as corrosion.  It is often used in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and food processing plants because of its ability to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and less odor during installation  as well as being slip resistant.




If you can imagine it, the artisans at Platinum Terrazzo can create it. Because of its composition, terrazzo is supremely customizable. Any color, any design—from official seals and logos, to geometric patterns—both indoor and outdoor.  




One of the original “green” products, Terrazzo dates back more than 1,500 years when it was created by Venetian workers using discarded marble chips.

Today’s Platinum Terrazzo installations embrace that same reuse/recycle ethic by utilizing recycled content and low-emissions epoxy to create floors that are  extremely durable and easy to maintain. Corporations, hospitals, schools, airports, and government buildings all turn to Platinum Terrazzo for their sustainable flooring needs.